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Dated: December 30 2018

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Learning to accept others for who they are.

I know it isn’t just me that sees the ridiculous level of division that has grown lately.  Here are just a couple of examples of why we “cannot be friends” or greater still, you must become my “sworn enemy”:

  • Purebred versus shelter dog
    • If you choose to breed or buy a purebred dog, rather than getting a "rescue dog", you are my enemy.  To be honest, I see unscrupulous owners allowing their dog to run free as being the problem, not responsible breeders.  But, don't HATE me for it! Here is Our Willow vs Britain's Ugliest
  • Second Amendment versus Gun Grabbing:
    • I get it, this is hotly debated. But, do you have to hate the person that wants to come up with a solution? Or hate the hunter? Speaking of...
  • Hunters versus Grocery Store "hunters";
    • If you hunt responsibly, it is very humane. More so than how most livestock is treated.  But, if it disturbs you to hunt, that's fine, eat grocery store meat. Or don't. Speaking of...
  • Vegan/Vegetarian versus Carnivore:
    • What? You eat cow? That is going to increase global warming and kill us all.  Speaking of...
  • Climate change worshipers versus climate change deniers:
    • That's a "hot" topic, no doubt! Speaking of...
  • Christian versus non-Christian: 
    • If you are Christian you are a hypocrite, and it is MY job to point out every imperfection in your life.
  • Diesel versus electric, Gay versus Straight, Texas versus everybody else (ok, I understand THAT one!), and on and on and on!

Do you see the problem? Ten to twelve years ago, we were told to start "celebrating our differences".  In doing so, it became unfashionable to talk about the "melting pot" that we as a country have always been.

But celebrating differences has created heated, dangerous, unrelenting division amongst friends and sadly, even families! What started out as a way to embrace differences has become an excuse to hate the differences of others.  Isn't it ironic, don't you think? 

No doubt, it has taken us a while to get to this level of insanity. But, aren't we truly a "melting pot" of humanity? We are equal, regardless of differences in belief, opinion, diet, or choice of car to drive!  With concerted effort, we can get back to loving each other a little more by the time 2020 comes around.  

Okay, maybe "loving" is a bit strong, but surely we can return to tolerating and respecting differences of opinions?  Differences can make us stronger, but again, first, we have to recognize what makes us the same - our humanity.

Notice I didn't bring up politics? That is on purpose, and part of MY resolution in the coming year.  It ties into doing something to help every person I know in some way in the coming year. Not an easy task, but staying in contact and respecting your right to believe in something different than me is a key element to making that a possibility.

If you like orange politicians, so be it.  If you like lifetime career politicians, well that is your right as well.  

I don't have to agree, but I can respect your decision, and that's something we ALL need to work on in 2019.

Whether you are friend, family or foe, I wish only the best for you in 2019! What are your thoughts? Reach out and share your thoughts!

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